I admit that watching girls wearing dresses, doing shopping without any fear of telling their waist size, not getting bullied in school made me envious and ashamed at the same time. Still, I was not able to change myself.

A few years ago when I was in 10th standard I realised I was getting fat everyday. I started seeing hormonal changes i.e facial hair and irregular menstrual cycle. The moment me and my mom understood the situation we went to see a doctor and he prescribed ultra -sound. When  the report came out, he said, "I have cyst in ovaries."

I still remember those tiny blue colour pills has a very bad effect on me, the moment i stop taking those pills my  periods starts the next day. The fact is doctor made  my hormones so imbalanced that I got obese, had facial hair  and went through very unnatural cycle pattern.

To be contiuned ...