Today over a cup of coffee I had a long discussion with Ramnik which starts like this:

Me: I cant wear a saree because my arms are looking big now. It was not like this before.

Ramnik: Imagine five crossfit female athletes wearing a saree, do you feel awkward with them?

Me: No, because their goals are to look big.

Ramnik: Their goal is not to look big, their  goal is to use there muscles to win the games.

Me: I dont wanna change my body parts which are visible to people.

Ramnik: Do you wanna use your muscle strength without making them stronger and bigger?

Me: No

Ramnik: Than how is it possible to get both of the worlds, you tell me?

Me: I think I shouldn't be using upper body muscle while working out.

Ramnik: okay, you dont wanna do  Clean & Jerks or Snatches or Handstand push-ups you love. Maybe, you don't wanna learn Handstand walk either?

Me: I want to but.

To be continued......