A city full of polite and humble people made us realise we came to the right place.

Our first visit to Bir together and we were lucky to find two amazing couples who took Bir to the next level, I call it 'Love Over Money.'

June 16: A small hill top cafe built on the story of true love. Sumit and his wife Ritu found out in bir on June 16, 2018 that they wanna spend rest of their lives together and monument their love through this cafe. I mean what other way to make everyone know about their love stories by a building which stays forever.

The Himaal: A mini Nepal which Bhuvan and his wife Shermila built after realising they cannot spend their entire lives dragging themselves in Indian metros for a few minutes of inner peace. We hope this beautiful homestay will remind their son Zaroon a true story of love and compassion everyday.

R.A.W Health: It's not just a fitness place to look good,  It's a donjon where you touch your soul everyday. Fitness, Food & Faith are three pillars Tanisha and Ramnik's love is built on and they try to contribute back to this society something which most people are not aware of.